The Electrosense Workshop

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We were invited to Profile Intermedia 9, an international design conference, to conduct a workshop on hands-on electronic recycling.

During a three day workshop we gave people the opportunity to work and play with electronics in a rather unusual way. Everyone could bring their own devices and parts or dig through a stack of cheap electronic toys and discarded devices waiting to be repurposed and turned into something new. Our workshop provided participants with the initial spark to make their own explorations into the domain of electronics. The results were unexpected, noisy and exciting…

Workshop announcement:
Current Projects presents:
The Current Objects Electrosense Workshop

Hands-on electronic recycling: Making use of the useless. Instead of accepting the limitations of merely being customers and consumers, the Current Projects crew invites you to start reclaiming the domain of circuitry. It’s all about penetration, investigation, and hijacking of electronic devices. (If possible, bring along electronic toys and other scrap you haven’t used in a while.)

Current Projects are: Lutz Dickmann, Marion Fröhlich, Kristian Gohlke, and Daniel Wessolek.

profile intermedia 9 Bremen 2006