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Together the re:sorb crew, I initiated and organised the framefest series of audiovisual live events.

We occupied abandoned spaces such as an old freight-train yard or empty appartments in a ready for tear-down high-rise building block and filled them with an exciting mash-up of live-visuals, sound and urban street art.

The framefest series was created to give local and international artists a platform to meet, communicate experiment, merge, share and present their audiovisual live performances.

All events were non-commercial and supported by cultural funds. They were open to everyone and attracted a multifaceted audience including local residents, artists & art consumers, media researchers & practicioners, as well as the young urban avantgarde who primarily came to party. The first event was done in collaboration with Mark Amerika, a net-art pioneer and live-video-veteran from Boulder, Colorado.

I had the privilege to design the flyer for the first event.
The spatial distribution of the graphical entities represents the structure of the abandoned train-yard that served as our initial location:

© 2003

framefest 2: view

framefest 2: sunset on the barricades

framefest 2: three appartments on the 9th floor following the framefest RGB color theme: bedroom (red), kitchen (green), living room (blue)

summer 2003
spring 2004