InD – Institute for new Dimensions

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The InD (‘Institute for New Dimensions’) is an institute at the University of Applied Sciences in Bremen, providing knowledge and services to various clients. The core competence is the development of educational interactive artifacts for interactive exhibitions and museums.

I worked at the InD to develop touchscreen applications for public interactive terminals and got to play with LEGO® along the way.

Interactive exhibits: null_E & geo_T

I developed a small series of interactive games for two touchscreen enabled exhibits that allow to learn about alternative energy sources in a playful way. The challenge was to make it appealing for children as well as grown-ups, while bringing across a large amount of relevant information.

Both exhibits were presented at several exhibitions about alternative energies and their practical application and are now part of a permanent exhibition in the customer center of the municipal energy supplier (Stadtwerke Bremen ‘swb’).

null_E.pdf (german)
geo_T.pdf (german)
Pressemitteilung der swb (german)

null_E – an interactive exhibit © swb-group

Educational exhibits for LEGOLAND®

I had the great privilege to design and construct exhibits for LEGOLAND®.
The exhibits illustrate different physical phenomena in a way that is particularly suitable for children.
The exhibits are part of an educational exhibition titled Galileo Wissenswelten in the german LEGOLAND® themepark in Günzburg, Bavaria.

lego.pdf (german)
LEGOLAND® Galileo Wissenswelten (german)
Teacher’s Manual (german)

I built a medieval tower from DUPLO® bricks combined with a plasma-sphere. It is presented in conjunction with an interactive backlit information panel and allows children to safely experience electricity and develop a basic understanding of it.


An oversized compass with free floating magnetic ships illustrates the physics behind magnetism. The kids were invited to interact with the ships inside the compass using strong handheld magnets.


I further constructed a series of three-dimensional objects from LEGO® bricks that illustrated geometrical concepts such as self similarity. These objects are used regularly during physics workshops in the themepark.

2004 - 2006
InD Projects