Due to license restrictions, not all works are available for downloading.
In many cases, however, I am allowed to mail a copy on request.

editorial articles

  • iF Industrie Forum Design: Quo Vadis Design? – 4 Thesen, Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Vossenkuhl (Hrsg.), ISBN 978-3942776301, 6/2014, p.96-100 (bilingual version: p.167-171), Kristian Gohlke, Who the Fuck Cares About Design? – Oder: Vom Gärtnern auf Eisbergen. pdf
  • c’t Magazin für Computertechnik, Ausgabe 9/2008, p. 74f, J. Loviscach, J. Wucharz, K. Gohlke,
    3D zum Anfassen – Novint Falcon: Haptische Steuerung für Spiele und Forschung.
    (c’t database)

academic research

  • K.Gohlke, M. Hlatky, and B. de Jong. 2015. Physical Construction Toys for Rapid Sketching of Tangible User Interfaces. Ninth International Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction (TEI ’15). teidp135-gohlke1.pdf
  • S. Springer, M. Zieger, C. Wiegand, U.-C. Hipler, F. Krumbein, G. Sieß, M. Röppischer, F. Hailer, K. Gohlke, W. Sattler, I. Schlesiger, M. Stohr, K. Meyer, M. Kaatz. Evaluierung der Farbsensorik des Farbmessgerätes „Aphrodite“. JDDG: Journal der Deutschen Dermatologischen Gesellschaft, Volume 13, Issue 1. (DDG 2015) 29.04.–02.05.2015, Berlin. Wiley Online Library
  • K. Lefeuvre, W. Sattler, K. Gohlke. 2014. Into the Sun: A Body Worn Device for Natural Light Therapy. Eight International Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction ACM TEI 2014, pdf
  • X. Weng, K. Gohlke. El Niño – An Emotion Avatar for Casual, Collateral Communication. In: Workshopband Mensch und Computer 2012 (MuC 2012), pp. 167-171, pdf
  • R. Mustafin, J. Wehner, W. Sattler, K. Gohlke, T.F.O.: Tangible Flying Objects, Proceedings of ACM TEI 2012, abstract
  • K. Gohlke, D. Black, J. Loviscach, Leveraging Behavioral Models of Sounding Objects for Gesture-Controlled Sound Design, Proceedings of ACM TEI 2011, abstract
  • K. Gohlke, M. Hlatky, J. Loviscach., TapShot: Screenshot Snippets as GUI Shortcuts, ACM SIGGRAPH 2010 Poster, abstract
  • K. Gohlke, M. Hlatky, D. Black, S. Heise, J. Loviscach, Track Displays in DAW Software: Beyond Waveform Views, AES Paper 8145 (128th AES Convention, 2010)
  • D. Black, K. Gohlke, J. Loviscach, FoleySonic: Placing Sounds on a Timeline Through Gestures, AES Paper 8004 (128th AES Convention, 2010)
  • K. Gohlke, S. Heise, M. Hlatky, J. Loviscach, FlexiKnobs: Bridging the Gap Between Mouse Interaction and Hardware Controllers, Proceedings of ACM TEI 2010, pp. 241-244, paper and comments at MIT, video
  • K. Gohlke, M. Hlatky, D. Black, J. Loviscach, Enhanced Mappings for On-Screen Faders, Proceedings of HAID 2009, Vol. II, pp. 22-23
  • D. Black, K. Gohlke, S. Heise, M. Hlatky, J. Loviscach, A Graph Editor for Remote Composition of Game Music for Small-Scale Game Development, Proceedings of Audio Mostly 2009, pp. 107-110, proceedings
  • K. Gohlke, M. Hlatky, D. Black, J.L., Enhanced Control of On-Screen Faders with a Computer Mouse, AES Paper 7738 (126th AES Convention, 2009), video
  • D. Black, K. Gohlke, J. Loviscach, EarMarkIt: An Audio-Only Game for Mobile Platforms, Proceedings of Audio Mostly 2008, pp. 135-137, proceedings at the Interactive Institute Piteå, Sweden


  • Sonderpreis der Grundig Business Systems, Campusideen 2010
    Kristian Gohlke und David Black, “Pssst – Die sprechende Bibliothek”
  • Sonderpreis der Sparkasse Bremen, Campusideen 2010
    David Black und Kristian Gohlke, “Foleysonic – Soundideen in Bewegung”

invited talks

  • Knowledge Management on an International Level
    ICPA Pre-Conference on e-Learning
    Ghent, Belgium, October 2010
  • Novel User Interfaces for Audio and Music Computing
    University College London, May 2010
  • Data Visualization in Audio and Music Computing
    Technische Universität Dresden, September, 2009