kristian gohlke

Kristian Gohlke, born in Bremen, Germany, is an interaction designer, researcher, design engineer and consultant. He lives and works in Weimar and Halle/Saale.

His work explores the interactions and boundaries between humans, technology in the context of perception and action.

He currently works as a lecturer at the Bauhaus-University Weimar, where he conducts research on the future of tangible user-interfaces, as part of his ongoing doctoral thesis titled: ‘Exploring Bio-Inspired Fluidic Soft Actuators and Sensors for the Design of Shape Changing Tangible User Interfaces‘.

He is also a co-initiator of the ongoing Bauhausinteraction Colloquium interdisciplinary lecture series which adresses contemporary topics in technology, arts & design and the humanities.

As part of his freelance engagements he creates and realizes interactive installations for clients such as Native Instruments, Red Bull (Tokyo) and the LEGOLAND themepark. In the past he has also extensively conducted audiovisual live performances for various bands and festivals.
His website has been around since the early days of the internet.

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harsh landscapes are beautiful

On rare occasions, he can also be seen in the wilderness, hiking forests, islands and mountains, or paddling in his (inflatable) canoe.